Here are my current and forthcoming books:

Dissecting the Dark Defender: Approaching Vigilantism in American History, Society & Culture Through Dexter (2016)

This book dissects HBO show Dexter to explore America’s relationship with vigilantism. Applying various models of interpretation to analyse and piece together vigilantism in American history, society and culture, vigilantism is positioned as the American nation’s serial crime. Buy here!

You’ve Been a Very Bad Daddy: Family, Sex & Gender in the Buffyverse (2022)

Split into three distinct parts, this book discusses: the repressive functions of patriarchal society in the Vampire family unit; Otherness, overt masculinity and the anti-family in Angel; and abjection and matriarchy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as a means to understand formations of family, gender and sexuality in contemporary life. Coming soon!

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